Harry  Hollingsworth

Henry Albert ‘Harry’ Hollingsworth


The Hollingsworth Register was a quarterly publication of the late ‘Harry’ Hollingsworth, a registered genealogist, who resided in Inglewood, California.  From 1965 to 1992, in 112 issues, Harry Hollingsworth documented much of the history of the Hollingsworth family.  The issues also included stories of current interest submitted by subscribers.  

Harry’s genealogy research on the Hollingsworth clan was all done ‘pre-internet’.  Through actual visits to the Mormon Family History Center, libraries and good old snail mail to points around the world, he amassed an enormous amount of detailed and accurate information on the Hollingsworth family. 

Harry also wrote numerous articles in the Hollingsworth Register on the Canadian branch of the Hollingsworth family.  As I belong to this lineage I have extracted articles from the Hollingsworth Register that directly reference Canadian Hollingsworth lineage and placed them here

This website is dedicated to Harry Hollingsworth’s commitment to genealogy and acknowledges the Hollingsworth Register as being an invaluable source of information for researchers of the Hollingsworth family.  All original 112 issues of the Hollingsworth Register, scanned in PDF format, can now be researched in one place on the internet.  Unfortunately some of the original mimeographed issues as published were of poor quality and this fact is regrettably reflected in a few of these scanned documents. 

Complete collections of original registers are rare and the time has come to share this wealth of information with those who seek the history of the Hollingsworth family.  I would be remiss not to acknowledge the following people who provided missing copies of the Hollingsworth Register, thus making this website possible: 

  – Thomas James Hollingsworth:

Family historian and webmaster of Holly Gardens 

  – John R. Hollingsworth:

Family historian and co-administrator of the Hollingsworth DNA Project

I hope you enjoy the Hollingsworth family history written in a way that only Harry could write it.


    Donald Page Hollingsworth

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